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Whiskey Nikka Days - Nikka Whiskey


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  • Distillery: Nikka Whiskey
  • Origin: Japan
  • Moment to taste it: Relaxing evening
  • BlowUp Rating : 8/10


    Nikka's Whiskey Nikka Days is a soft, gentle and fruity distillate, rich in sweet spices and at the same time crossed by fresh and citrus nuances, then finally characterized by slightly pungent notes of ginger and caramel. This whiskey is perfectly balanced in all its components, it is one of those spirits to always keep in stock and at hand, because thanks to its multifaceted and multifaceted character it is able to meet the consensus of all tastes and all palates.

    Tasting notes

    The color of the Nikka Days Whiskey is intense golden, elegant and refined. It has hints of fresh apples, pears, melon and strawberries, orange essential oils and lemon cheesecake. The nose is articulated and complex. On the palate it is soft and creamy, with aromas of toasted nuts, malt and vanilla. Buttery and long finish.