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Dry Vermouth of Turin - Cocchi


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  • Winery: Cocchi
  • Origin : Piedmont
  • Format : 0.50 L
  • Moment to taste it: After-meal / Cocktail
  • Blowup Rating : 9/10


    The Vermouth Dry by Cocchi was born from the collaboration between some of the best barmen in the world and oenologists and botanists of the Cocchi company. A unique recipe, Piedmontese artemisia and high quality white wine enriched with citrus fruits, bergamot and Piedmontese alpine herbs. This Vermouth Dry Cocchi was born with the aim of perfectly balancing an elegant gin or a premium vodka in a Martini cocktail, but it is also excellent to be enjoyed straight or with ice.

    Tasting notes

    A Vermouth with a pleasantly dry character and a delicate and balanced balance between citrus peel, bergamot and alpine herbs.

    The cellar

    Giulio Cocchi was a myth in the Futurist period, synonymous with quality for sparkling wines and spiced wines. The origins of the company date back to 1891 when Cocchi created original recipes of Barolo Chinato, American Aperitif and Vermouth, still among the company's specialties today. A brand that became famous worldwide, products linked to tradition despite the fact that the company over the years has modernized its production techniques, without altering the quality and craftsmanship of the products.