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The Nikka Tailored - Nikka


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  • Distillery : Nikka Whiskey
  • Provenance: Japan
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • BlowUp Judgment: 9/10


The Nikka Tailored by Japanese distillery Nikka Whiskey is a premium blend based on Miyagikyo and Yoichi malted barley along with Coffey Still grain. The result is a balanced, round and delicate whiskey.

The Nikka Tailored has a golden color, with a more fruity aromatic profile of apple, apricot and white pulp fruits. In addition, the presence of honey and notes of chocolate with aromas of orange peel are strongly felt. The flavor is gourmet: On the one hand we find hints of pastry such as vanilla and kouglof and on the other the bitterness that is found with dark chocolate and citrus peel such as mandarin and orange. On the finish, the bitterness is counterbalanced by slightly toasted notes. The design is asymmetrical and is inspired by the Kimono.

In 1934 Masataka Taketsuru a lover of the world of spirits founded the company "Nippo Kaju" and built the Yoichi distillery, on the island of Hokkaido and then changed its name, acquiring that of "Nikka Whiskey", with which we know it today. In 1969, a second distillery was installed on the island of Honsu. Currently Nikka distillery is widely recognized as one of the best Whiskey-producing distilleries not only in Japan, but around the world. Its range of spirits is able to perfectly satisfy all the tastes of the most uncompromising lovers of the category. Those labeled Nikka are in all respects among the most prestigious and excellent spirits in the world.