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The Great Negroni Cocktail 3 L - Jacopo Poli


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  • Distillery : Poli
  • Origin : Veneto
  • Ingredients : red Gran Bassano vermouth, Marconi 46 gin and Super Taurus bitter
  • Alcohol volume : 25%
  • Format : 3 L
  • Moment to taste it : Cocktail party


The Negroni Cocktail Di Poli is a cocktail obtained from a calibrated blend of Gran Bassano rosso vermouth, Marconi 46 gin and Super Taurus bitters.

Tasting Notes

The Negroni Cocktail Di Poli mixes sweet, dry and bitter notes of the 3 Poli products used, creating a cocktail with an intense and aromatic character.

It is a perfect aperitif, ready to serve in a tumbler with the addition of ice and orange schorza.

Instructions for Use

    1. Press the perforated opening on the front of the package and remove the disc.

    1. Extract the tap up to the second ring, fix it in the special opening and reposition the perforated tab

    1. Remove the red security seal

    1. Pour by pushing the two wings upwards