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Tequila Blanco Criollo - Calle 23

Calle 23

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  • Distillery: Calle 23
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Serving temperature: 14/16 ° C
  • Alcohol volume: 49%
  • Format: 0.70 L
  • Blowup Rating: 9/10


The Tequila Blanco Criollo from the Calle 23 distillery is an innovative and exceptional Tequila, produced in a limited edition. a tequila with a unique and distinctive profile, the bottle label visually tells the story of creation and the Mexican world that inspired it.

Tasting notes

Crystalline in color, this tequila blanco criollo is broad and intense on the nose with fresh fruity scents . In the mouth it is soft and balanced characterized by spicy aromas.

The distillery

Calle 23 is a distillery that is dedicated to a very high quality level production. The selection of blue agave takes place in the Los Altos de Jalisco area, where the plants benefit from a warm and sunny, dry climate, followed by intense rainy seasons that make the soil rich in minerals. after about 7-9 years the agaves are ripe and ready to be harvested by hand. Subsequently we proceeded with cooking in stainless steel ovens for 15 hours. Natural fibers and sugars are extracted from cooked agaves and fermented naturally to obtain a drink with a low percentage of alcohol. Finally, we proceed with two slow distillations in copper stills, from which Tequila is finally born, subsequently bottled by hand.