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Tequila Anejo - Calle 23

Calle 23

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  • Distillery: Calle 23
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Moment to taste it: Cocktail party and moments of relaxation


The Tequila Anejo from the Mexican distillery Calle 23 is a tequila that breaks the mold and pushes more and more towards tequila intended as a tasting product and not as a simple ingredient for mixing. It is distilled twice to reach the maximum degree of purity, this tequila is subsequently aged for 16 me yes in ex-bourbon barrels and is characterized by the perfect balance between the vegetal note and the smoky nuances , typical of the crucial passage in wood.

Tasting notes

The color of Tequila Anejo is medium amber yellow. On the nose it invades with adorable aromas of incense, together with a rich touch of vanilla, coffee and toffee candy with aromatic tones that capture for their particularity. The taste is perfectly balanced, soft but played all towards dark notes of coffee and tobacco that return, imposing, in a whirlwind of bitter and sweet, with toffee and vanilla. The finish is very long with smoky tones.