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Egg tagliolini - Tartuflanghe


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  • Country of wheat cultivation : Italy
  • Country of milling: Italy
  • Weight 250g


Tartuflanghe's egg tagliolini are produced in the Piobesi d'Alba plant following a truly artisanal process. The pasta is bronze drawn, cut with a knife and hand-rolled. The bronze drawing, unlike the industrial one, gives the pasta a rough, opaque, porous and qualitatively better structure.

And after a long drying, it is packaged entirely by hand in bags and in the iconic case. The result is a pasta with a perfect consistency and an unmistakable taste.

Egg tagliolini are excellent if sautéed with melted butter and a few fresh sage leaves. This pasta is ideal for enhancing fresh truffles.

Since 1980, Tartuflanghe has been committed to bringing the refinement of the best truffle specialties to Italy and the world. The passion for a unique territory, able to offer excellent raw materials, has then allowed to develop a complete range of products based on the most typical recipes of the Piedmontese gastronomic tradition, following a strictly artisanal production, characterized by high quality and professionalism.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, 20% pasteurized fresh eggs, 4% egg yolk. It may contain traces of soy.