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Spaghettoni - Benedetto Cavalieri

Benedetto Cavalieri

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  • Producer : Benedetto Cavalieri
  • Origin : Puglia - Italy
  • Ingredients : Durum wheat semolina
  • Net weight : 500gr
  • Cooking time : 16-17 min


Benedetto Cavalieri's Spaghettoni are one of the most famous pasta shapes produced by this company, which has brought several awards over the years. In 2001, at the Fancy Food Show in New York, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade awarded them the prestigious Oscar. Twice as long as the standard version, they are packaged by the pasta factory with the fold intact to maintain their exceptional length. They are also particularly rough and porous. In fact, the combination of these characteristics allows you to absorb and retain any type of sauce, which makes them even better. They are perfect to be enjoyed with a good tomato sauce.

Since its foundation, Benedetto Cavalieri has focused on innovation and quality, thus using the most modern machines for kneading, kneading, pressing and drawing. To avoid the drying of the pasta in the street, as it happened in those years, it introduces a modern system, called the "Cirillo Method", which consists in drying the pasta in dedicated rooms, equipped with a hot water radiator and a large fan , whose times were marked by the experience of the pasta maker.

Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is renowned throughout the world for the rigorous selection of Italian durum wheat that grows in soils especially suited to the hills of Puglia and Basilicata; the wheat is grown without the massive and usual use of chemical fertilizers that increase yields at the expense of quality. It is also known for its "delicate" processing method which guarantees the complete preservation of the precious nutritional values of good durum wheat.