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Scotch Whiskey 12 Years La Santa - Glenmorangie


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  • Winery: Glenmorangie
  • Origin : Scotland
  • Alcohol volume : 43%
  • Serving temperature : 16-18 ° C
  • Format : 0.70 L
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • Blowup Rating : 8/10


    Glenmorangie 12 years La Santa is an elegant and high quality whiskey produced in Scotland, from barley malt.

    Tasting notes

    With an intense golden color, the Glenmorangie 12 years La Santa expresses warm and sweet aromas of chocolate , caramel and beeswax to the nose. The taste is soft and rich with aromas of orange and hazelnuts and spicy notes on the finish .


    After a careful selection of the raw materials, the distillation takes place in stills of over 5 meters . The water used during this phase comes from the Tarlogie sources , finally the Whiskey matures for 12 years , 9 of which in American oak barrels and the remaining 3 in Spanish barrels in which the Sherry was refined.

    The distillery

    The Glenmorangie distillery began producing alcohol from 1738, but it was only in 1843 that it converted to whiskey production. Located in the north of Scotland, the company still produces very high quality whiskeys that are appreciated by the most discerning palates. A careful selection of raw materials allows Glenmorangie to produce excellent labels. For its productions Glenmorangie uses stills called "giraffe neck" with a height that exceeds 5 meters, these allow to produce soft and elegant spirits. Furthermore, the water used by the company comes from the Tarlogie springs, a water rich in calcium and magnesium that is constantly monitored.