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Scapegrace - Gin Black

Rougue Society Distilling

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  • Distillery: Rougue Society Distilling
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Serving temperature : 4-6 ° C
  • Alcohol volume : 41.5%
  • Format : 0,70L
  • Moment to taste it: Cocktail party
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


The Scapegrace Black is a gin produced in New Zealand, the first "Black" gin. Its color derives from the various botanicals used for the production such as aronia berry, butterfly pea, saffron, pineapple and sweet potato.

Tasting notes

Black in color, Gin Scapegrace opens on the nose with n ote citrine floral aromas and light touches of spices. A gin with a citrusy and fresh slightly spicy taste and with a great balance.


The processing of Gin Scaperace takes place by hand in traditional stills with the use of pure water from New Zealand springs filtered through the rocks, so as to make it light.

The Distillery

Scapegrace Gins are produced by the Rogue Society Distilling based in the Auckland region of New Zealand. For its production of artisanal gin, distilled in small batches, the company uses pure water from the Alps and a 19th-century copper still. The result is an extraordinary gin, appreciated all over the world.