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Crystal Salt - Maldon


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  • Manufacturer: Maldon Crystal Salt Company Limited
  • Format: 250 gr


    This Maldon Crystal Salt has a particularity, that is, it has a flake shape, also called "flakes" by the English. Unlike the other salts that appear as cubic crystallines, the flakes of this salt are formed during the processing phase. Being particularly crumbly, they could crumble between the fingers. The secret is in the production technique and, in particular, in the times and boiling temperature of the sea water.

    In a first phase the brackish water, after being filtered, is brought to the boil and thus the impurities present on the surface are eliminated. The heat is distributed through tubes immersed in the tanks where it passes at a high temperature. Little by little, small crystals begin to form on the surface. These float a little below the surface of the water. The crystal grows horizontally continuing to sink in the central part, thus forming a hollow inverse pyramid until the water enters the pyramid causing the crystal to sink. Evaporation proceeds and the crystals continue to precipitate to the bottom until the reduced water level reaches the deposited salt. At this point the salt is drained and transferred by hand with special shovels, dried and packaged

    Soft and crunchy, this crystal salt melts in the mouth. Its flakes give a truly unique flavor to any dish, from steak to tartare.