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Crazy Wheels - Benedetto Cavalieri

Benedetto Cavalieri

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    • Producer : Benedetto Cavalieri
    • Provenance: Puglia - Italy
    • Ingredients: Durum wheat flour
    • Net weight: 500gr
    • Cooking time: 13-14 min


    The Crazy Wheels by Benedetto Cavalieri are so called in the Salento tradition because they are not perfectly circular. After cooking, however, they are not crushed as happens with rigatoni and paccheri but remain tight, allowing the sauce to penetrate freely inside and remain there. Their cylindrical shape consists of a circular crown connected to the hub by 6 spokes. Crown, hub and spokes have 3 different thicknesses that give the chewing that particular sensation comparable to the whole of the crumb and crust of good bread, a sensation much appreciated by fine palates.

    In the Benedetto Cavalieri factory, the Ruote Pazze die is already present in an inventory dated 1938. This type of pasta was immediately successful in Italy and abroad and is present in the menus of many restaurants, even among the most famous in the world. .

    Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is renowned throughout the world for the rigorous selection of Italian durum wheat that grows in soils especially suited to the hills of Puglia and Basilicata; the wheat is grown without the massive and usual use of chemical fertilizers that increase yields at the expense of quality. It is also known for its "delicate" processing method which guarantees the complete preservation of the precious nutritional values of good durum wheat.