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Rum Trinidad Aged 21 Years - Caroni


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  • Distillery : Caroni
  • Provenance: Caribbean
  • Moment to taste it: Special occasions
  • BlowUp Judgment: 8/10


The Rum Trinidad Aged 21 Years by Caroni is the oldest of the non-vintage line, it is in fact a 1996 bottled in 2017, and is the highest grade of the range. It is an English-style vintage rum with an extraordinary aromatic richness, it is aged for 21 years in oak barrels. Its production is limited in fact it is a real masterpiece resulting from a raw material of indescribable quality which unfortunately has not been present since 2003 on the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Tasting notes

The Trinidad Aged 21 Years Rum is amber in color, elegant and bright. On the nose it has refined references to hydrocarbons that join the notes of roasted coffee and dried fruit. On the palate it is initially fresh and fruity, then mentholated and balsamic. Its persistence is long and the aftertaste is round.