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Ron Dos Maderas Luxus - Williams & Humbert

Williams & Humbert

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  • Distillery : Williams & Humbert
  • Provenance: Spain
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • BlowUp Judgment: 8/10


The Ron Dos Maderas Luxus by Williams & Humbert is a rum that has an amber and lively color, with penetrating and deep nuances. The nose opens with hints of vanilla, then notes of dried and dried fruit, fig and sultanas.

Tasting notes

In tasting it is complex, warm, long, soft and spicy. It recalls notes of raisins and sweet spices. This magnificent Ron Dos Maderas Luxus comes from a perfect blend of rums produced in the Barbados Islands, characterized by elegance and lightness, and rums produced in Guyana, characterized by a more pronounced body and backbone. For ten years this blend rests in Bourbon barrels in the Caribbean, then it is transferred to Spain and completes the last phase in American oak barrels that previously contained Don Guido, a Sherry Pedro Ximenez with over 20 years of aging. This is how the blend is enriched with elegant and complex notes that make tasting a moment of intense pleasure.