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Rhum Vieux Agricole XO Martinique - Clément


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  • Distillery: Clément
  • Origin: France
  • Serving temperature : 14-16 ° C
  • Alcohol volume: 42%
  • Format: 0,70L
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • Blowup Rating : 8/10


The Rhum Agricole XO Martinique by Clément is an agricultural rum obtained by distilling the juice of sugar cane, according to traditional procedures. An elegant and soft rum excellent to accompany an evening.

Tasting Notes

Amber in color, Rhum Agricole XO on the nose is sweet and smooth with predominant notes of dried fruit, dates and plums accompanied by a slight hint of cinnamon. Intense and soft . The aromatic complexity perceived on the nose develops with elegance in the mouth, revealing the nobility of the wood. Long and persistent finish, characterized by delicious notes of spice bread and coffee.


The Rhum Agricole XO by Clément is born from the distillation of fresh pressed sugar cane juice and subsequently aged for at least six years in a combination of virgin and again carbonized oak barrels.

The Distillery

The Clément distillery is one of the oldest on the island of Martinique. Homère Clément in 1887 began to produce agricultural rum directly from sugar cane juice, later he decided to open a real distillery in order to satisfy the great demand during the First World War. The son took over the company by improving production methods and exporting the Martinique Rhum Agricole. Finally, with the change of management, the distillery passed under the control of the Hayot family who I decided to continue following the Clément business philosophy. Pure agricultural traditions, strict controls and scrupulous selection of the raw material, this is how the rums of the Clément distillery are still produced today, characterized by incomparable finesse.