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Oil in Orcio a Pois Coratina - Muraglia


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  • Producer: Antico Frantoio Muraglia
  • Weight: 500ml


    Orcio Olio a Pois Coratina from the Antonio Muraglia oil mill is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Coratina variety of olives. It is contained in a handcrafted ceramic jar entirely decorated by hand. It is an explosion of colors with drawings of the traditional Apulian art, in this case with polka dots.

    Its aroma brings back aromas of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper and hay. The taste is reminiscent of vegetable tones, consisting of phenols perfectly fused in the structure, with a good gustatory balance. This oil is impressive and has a tasty spicy finish with a long persistence of vegetal tones.

    Orcio a Pois Coratina goes wonderfully with peasant soups of vegetables, cereals and legumes, with fish dishes such as grilled stockfish, seafood salads, grilled white meats, traditional aged cheeses, such as goat cheese and pecorino. It is also excellent poured simply on the Apulian frisa , the typical biscuit donut.

    The Muraglia family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for 5 generations, for more than 80 years. The oil is cold extracted in compliance with traditional methods from olives grown directly in the 2 farms owned by Muraglia.

    Muraglia Oil Mill

    Frantoio Oleario Muraglia invests heavily in research and development by interpreting the trends and needs of the reference market. The range of products of Frantoio Muraglia was created to satisfy the most demanding markets and is currently present in over 25 countries around the world, thus becoming over the years a point of reference in the international extra virgin olive oil market. A precious heritage that extends over 40 hectares of magnificent Andriese land with its olive groves that offer the best Coratina monocultivar. Their olives are very healthy, hand-picked and cold-pressed with the ancient stone mill within 24 hours. The oil is smoked cold with natural beech woods and just a little is enough to give an elegant, refined but simple sensation at the same time.