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Orchis Mascula 2017 - Naudin Ferrand

Naudin Ferrand

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  • Winery: Naudin Ferrand
  • Vintage : 2017
  • Origin : France
  • Grapes: Pinot nero
  • Alcohol volume : 12%
  • Format : 0.75 L
  • Blowup Rating : 8/10


    Orchis Mascula from the Naudin Ferrand winery is a French red wine produced from Pinot grapes harvested in the 2017 vintage, its name derives from flowers found in Burgundy.

    Tasting notes

    This French red opened on the nose with strong fruity aromas of cherry and strawberry . The taste is rich with salty and bergamot aromas , it is light but not banal .


    Orchis Mascula by Naudin Ferrand comes from manual harvesting grapes, then the grapes are pressed in whole bunches without adding sulfur. Finally the wine ages for 18/20 months in barrels.

    The cellar

    The Naudin Ferrand domaine was founded by Claire Naudine, passionate about viticulture, who, even without any organic or biodynamic certification, approaches sustainable viticulture. Sulfur is not used during the production, except in the bottling phase to guarantee the stability of the wine. Two AOCs produced by the company that represent the new frontier.