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Medium Fruity EVO Oil - Muraglia


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  • Producer: Antico Frantoio Muraglia
  • Weight: 500ml


Muraglia's Medium Fruity EVO Oil is a monocultivar obtained from the variety of Peranzana olives, originally from the Tavoliere delle Puglie in the province of Foggia. The pressing takes place within 24 hours of harvesting.

This oil has a golden yellow color, with bright green reflections. The varietal characteristics of the Peranzana olive reign on the nose. Complete and fragrant, it gives intense and lively aromas of tomato, rocket, radish and ringing sensations of artichoke. Thus the Medium Fruity EVO Oil has a flavor that confirms the fresh and lively olfactory notes without exceeding bitter or spicy tones. Peranzana gives rise to an elegant oil and goes best with delicate dishes. In fact it boasts a very low acidity and a very balanced taste, suitable for fish cooking and short cooking.

Muraglia Oil Mill

The Muraglia family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for 5 generations, for more than 80 years. The oil is cold extracted in compliance with traditional methods from olives grown directly in the 2 farms owned by Muraglia.
Frantoio Oleario Muraglia invests heavily in research and development by interpreting the trends and needs of the reference market. The range of products of Frantoio Muraglia was created to satisfy the most demanding markets and is currently present in over 25 countries around the world, thus becoming over the years a point of reference in the international extra virgin olive oil market. A precious heritage that extends over 40 hectares of magnificent Andriese land with its olive groves that offer the best Coratina monocultivar. The oil is smoked cold with natural beech woods and just a thread is enough to give an elegant, refined but simple feeling at the same time.