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Merlot Montiano 2018 - Cotarella


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  • Winery: Cotarella
  • Vintage : 2018
  • Origin : Lazio
  • Grapes : 100% Merlot, from the Monfiascone vineyards, at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level.
  • Serving temperature : 18-20 ° C
  • Alcohol volume : 14.5%
  • Format : Bottle 75 cl
  • Time to taste it: for lunch or dinner
  • Pairings: meats and cheeses
  • Blow Up Rating : 9/10


Montiano Cotarella, 2018 vintage, is still acclaimed as one of the best wines of the Cotarella family production.
Never excessive, always elegantly balanced, Montiano Cotarella is an excellence of Lazio IGT production and represents a certainty for all those who love and manage the wine production of reds. Its refinement makes it an explicit duty on special occasions, formal but also relaxed, in combination with the consumption of red meats and cold cuts with an intense flavor. Recommended - indeed now an obligation - for all those who rightly define themselves as lovers of red wines

Tasting notes

The Merlot Montiano Cotarella 2018 is characterized by a fairly consistent and intense ruby color, while remaining however of a mirrored clarity. The olfactory aroma extends into a sufficient range of aromatic notes , among which the delicate red fruits stand out, which give it the ruby clarity, as well as a sweet base note reminiscent of jam and vanilla.

The Merlot Montiano Cotarella 2018 has a certain body, which characterizes its essence and is the underlying reason for its enormous diffusion of preference among red lovers. However, the characteristic roundness of Merlots is never heavy or disgusting, indeed light and persistent. A wine certainly elegant and of extreme character, suitable for dishes of a certain consistency and flavor, which can compete with and complement its robustness: grilled meats, preferably red, aged and fresh cheeses. In particular, we recommend a subscription with fresh game and meat-based first courses.


The grapes, 100% Merlot type, are harvested only after full ripeness; a maceration operation on the skins is then performed to make the wine flavor full and full-bodied. It is left permanently in the oak barrique for one year, thus allowing the full expression of the woody and spicy characteristics of the product.