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Rotonda PDO Red Eggplant - Morgan's Giardiniera

La Giardiniera di Morgan

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  • Producer : La Giardiniera di Morgan
  • Ingredients : Red Aubergine of Rotonda DOP, white wine vinegar, Cervia salt, sugar, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Net weight: 35 0 gr

The Rotonda di Morgan red eggplant embodies the sun of Basilicata. Firm and crunchy, it is an interpretation of Morgan in which the recipe is clean and light that contrasts the pungent, slightly bitter and citrus aftertaste with the typical sweet and sour notes of its processing.

The Red Eggplant of Rotonda is particular for its resemblance to the tomato. Locally this aubergine is called "merlingiana a pummadora" (aubergine with tomato).

Ideal to combine with cheeses, grilled white meats and roasted fish. Excellent as a filling for a gourmet sandwich or. to flavor a simple mixed salad.