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Morgan's Giardiniera

La Giardiniera di Morgan

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  • Producer: La Giardiniera di Morgan
  • Provenance :
  • Ingredients : Carrots, red, yellow and green peppers, cauliflower and fennel (variable quantities) with vinegar, water, sugar and natural flavors.
  • Net Weight : 1000 Ml / 1500 Ml

Morgan's Giardiniera is completely handmade. A product that does not contain sulfur, citric acid and no antioxidants. It comes from natural products and is ideal to accompany salami, boiled meats, chicken or meat salads, grilled blue fish or fish such as turbot or baked salmon. Excellent with hard aged cheeses but also perfect to be enjoyed alone.

Store it in a cool place away from light sources. Pasteurized product.