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Grappa Magia 2010 - Berta


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  • Distillery: Berta Distillery
  • Origin: Piedmont - Italy
  • Alcohol volume : 44%
  • Format : 0.70 L
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


    The Grappa Magia di Berta is among the most prestigious of the distillery. Ideal to be enjoyed on special occasions. A grappa with a silky and enveloping taste that caresses the senses.

    Tasting notes

    The Grappa Magia di Berta in the glass is amber in color. The nose releases hints of orange blossom and tobacco, morello cherry, candied citrus peel and candied raisins, as well as vanilla and aromatic herbs. The sensations felt in the nose are confirmed in the mouth.


    Magia is born from the distillation, with a discontinuous method through steam stills in copper , of the refermented pomace of different grape varieties. This grappa ages for 10 years in various types of oak.

    The Distillery

    The Berta company is a historic Piedmontese distillery founded in 1947 by Paolo Berta, famous for the production of grappa. Berta's Grappas are a product of excellence that present unique aromas. Even today the distillery, under the command of the fourth generation of the Berta family, represents an Italian symbol of quality grappa in the world.