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Gin Mare Mediterranean

Gin Mare

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  • Distillery: Marc and Manuel Giro
  • Origin: Spain
  • Serving temperature : 6-8 ° C
  • Alcohol volume : 42.7%
  • Format : 0, 70 L
  • Moment to taste it: Parties
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


Gin Mare by Marc and Manuel Giro is a gin among the most famous and appreciated spirits in the world able to remember like no other the Mediterranean nature of the Spanish land. It is produced in Barcelona from the infusion of different botanicals from all over the world: Arbequina olives (Spain), basil (Italy), r osmarino (Greece), thyme (Turkey), oranges (Valencia and Seville), Lemon (Seville) and finally coriander , juniper berries and cardamom .

Tasting notes

Of crystalline color, Gin Mare opens on herbaceous notes and spicy aromas , memories of pine and tomato plant stand out and combine with hints of rosemary, olives and a citrus background. In the mouth the flavor of juniper berries and coriander explodes with a finish of rosemary and basil. An intense and fresh taste ideal as a base for Gin Tonic.


Starting from a base of neutral spirit of cereals and water, the 8 botanicals are added individually, then the compound rests for 24-48 hours. This allows each botanist to best express all its characteristics. The distillation is artisanal and follows traditional Mediterranean techniques. The main ingredient of this gin is the Arbequina olive, its acidity levels vary every year for this reason each distillation is a work of art.