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Gin Malfy Rosa - Turin Distillates

Torino Distillati

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  • Distillery : Torino Distillates
  • Provenance: Italy
  • Alcohol volume : 41%
  • Moment to taste it: Parties


Gin Malfy Rosa is a citrusy Italian gin produced starting from particular botanicals, including pink grapefruit from Sicily, juniper and rhubarb.

Tasting notes

Gin Malfy Rosa was born with the intention of enhancing the freshness and citrus character typical of the Mediterranean atmospheres and fruits. Soft pink in color with bright reflections, this gin releases a delicate aroma of pink grapefruit and citrus, notes of medicinal herbs, delicate spices and hints of white flowers. Gin Malfy Rosa is fresh and fragrant and harmoniously combines the aromas of juniper, citrus notes and the bitter nuances of rhubarb.