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Gin Del Professore Monsieur - Del Professore Vermouth & Spirits

Del Professore Vermouth & Spirits

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  • Distillery: Del Professore Vermouth & Spirits
  • Origin: Piedmont - Italy
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


    Gin Del Professore Monsieur is the first Del Professore gin and is composed of several carefully selected botanical elements including lavender, orange, angelica, chamomile, vanilla and cinnamon. An ideal product for true Gin lovers.

    Tasting notes

    Gin Del Professore Monsieur shows a limpid, transparent and crystalline color. The olfactory bouquet is composed of enveloping floral notes , with touches of juniper and sweet spices . In the mouth it is medium-bodied, with a dry sip and good persistence . The taste is in perfect balance with the olfactory aromas.


    This Gin comes from a secret recipe , the botanicals blend in top quality alcohol giving life to Professor Monsieur's Gin.

    The distillery

    Del Professore Vermouth & Spirits is a Piedmontese distillery that has been operating for over a century. There are three strengths of the company: People , Terroir and Tradition . An authentic project started from the heart, raw materials that are not found anywhere else and a tradition that has been going on for generations, passing on experience and knowledge . All this makes it possible to produce excellent labels . Gin, Bitter, Vermouth and Aperitifs in short , unique products that are born with the idea of reviving forgotten products .