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Fusilli - Benedetto Cavalieri

Gastronomie Italiane

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  • Producer: Benedetto Cavalieri
  • Net weight: 500gr
  • Cooking time: 12-13 min


The Fusilli of the Benedetto Cavalieri pasta factory are one of the most versatile artisan pasta shapes and lend themselves to endless recipes. Produced with a blend of the best durum wheat, these Fusilli hold the cooking in an optimal way. Thanks to their slowly worked dough, bronze drawing and slow drying, Fusilli Cavalieri are rough and porous and retain all the organoleptic properties of the grain. Each type of sauce blends perfectly with this type of pasta thanks to their particular helical shape.

Since its foundation, Benedetto Cavalieri has focused on innovation and quality, thus using the most modern machines for kneading, kneading, pressing and drawing. To avoid the drying of the pasta in the street, as it happened in those years, it introduces a modern system, called the "Cirillo Method", which consists in drying the pasta in dedicated rooms, equipped with a hot water radiator and a large fan , whose times were marked by the experience of the pasta maker.

Benedetto Cavalieri pasta is renowned throughout the world for the rigorous selection of Italian durum wheat that grows in soils especially suited to the hills of Puglia and Basilicata; the wheat is grown without the massive and usual use of chemical fertilizers that increase yields at the expense of quality. It is also known for its "delicate" processing method which guarantees the complete preservation of the precious nutritional values of good durum wheat.