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Elixir Rhubarb and Mint - Doragrossa


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  • Distillery: Doragrossa
  • Origin: Piedmont - Italy
  • Serving temperature : 14-16 ° C
  • Alcohol volume : 20%
  • Format : 0.70 L
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


The Elixir Rhubarb and Mint of the Doragrossa Distillery is a digestive bitter inspired by the traditions of the late nineteenth century.

Tasting notes

The Rhubarb and Mint Elixir combines the bitter hints of rhubarb with the fresh notes of mint . It is a perfect amaro after meal with a very persistent finish

The Distillery

This distillery was born in Turin, with the aim of reworking ancient traditional recipes . To date, the company produces 4 labels, made starting from natural ingredients and using artisanal processes .