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Cotechino Boccia Cremonese - Bettella


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  • Manufacturer: Bettella
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Ingredients: pork head, salt, wine, dextrose, sucrose, natural flavors, spices


    The Cotechino 'Boccia Cremonese' by Bettella is a pot sausage , typical of the city of Cremona, even if in truth they make it almost the same as in Mantua, and of course it is called Mantuan bowl. It is really worth trying this sausage, leaner and more harmonious than the common cotechino, which will make a great impression on your table, with little work and little expense. Of course, in addition to lentils, the traditional mustard is needed to accompany it. It takes two years for the still pork to firm up and develop the right layer of fat. It thus reaches 300 kg of weight: at the base there is a lot of patience, adequate space, genetic selection, together with quality nutrition.

    When buying Cotechino 'Boccia Cremonese' you have to make sure that the skin of the casing is clear and elastic: as with all sausages, it is a guarantee of freshness. The Cremonese bowl is immersed in fresh water, and left for at least 90 minutes (if it is more time, the better). You can also put it in water the night before: it is used to soften the skin to be sure that it does not burst in cooking. Before starting cooking, you need to make two or three holes with a toothpick which gives an extra guarantee. Then the bowl is put back in cold, clean water and boiled very slowly for at least 5 and a half hours. If you prepare it in advance, it must be soaked in its broth to prevent it from drying out and the water must be kept warm. Then you have to tie and peel the bowl: you will get a clear and firm flesh, with a delicious scent. Slice the Cremonese bowl and serve it with traditional side dishes: mustard, puree or lentils.