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Cognac Poire Williams - François Peyrot

François Peyrot

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  • Distillery : François Peyrot
  • Provenance: France
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • BlowUp Judgment: 9/10


Poire Williams Cognac François Peyrot is a Williams pear flavored cognac liqueur. The liqueur is obtained from the union of cognac aged and aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of two years with the natural aroma of Williams pears, grown in the Black Forest region and sugar syrup. It takes 14 kilos of Williams pears to produce a 70 cl Liqueur Poire au Cognac. The Aroma is obtained from the maceration of their juice and the Williams pears give this cognac an inimitable and elegant taste.

Tasting notes

The Cognac François Peyrot of Poire has a slightly amber color that is given both by the cognac used for the production of this liqueur, and by the peel of the Williams pears. It is perfect to drink paired with a piece of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. It lends itself as an excellent French aperitif, flambè, to flavor desserts or simply as an after dinner.