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Cognac Napoléon - Jean Filloux

Jean Filloux

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  • Distillery : Jean Filloux
  • Provenance: France
  • Moment to taste it: Evening with friends
  • BlowUp Judgment: 8/10


Jean Filloux's Cognac Napoléon is produced in the Grande Champagne area. This cognac is born from the assembly of different spirits that boast from eight to ten years of aging and represents one of the spearheads of the company's production. The refinement takes place in French wooden barrels that have not been roasted, in order to obtain a more authentic product.

Tasting notes

The color of Cognac Napoléon is bright amber, its aromas are intense while the taste is complex and structured with notes of almond and marzipan, aromas of dried fruit and nuts. It also has nuances of vanilla and spices, on the finish it is persistent.