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Kaluga Amur Caviar - Longino & Cardenal


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  • Manufacturer: Longino & Cardenal
  • Weight: 10gr / 30gr / 50gr
  • Salable product: only in Lombardy with refrigerated shipment


Kaluga Amur Caviar is a cross between two sturgeons: the female of Huso Dauricus and the male of Acipenser Schrenkii . Both come from the waters of the Amur River on the border between China and Russia. This caviar is highly sought after. The sturgeon begins to give caviar between 10-15 years of life, a period in which the female begins to lay eggs. They are larger than the other types in fact they reach up to 2.9-3.2 mm in diameter. They have beautiful green and golden highlights. The taste of Kaluga Amur Caviar is complex, making it a Chef's favorite.

The characteristic of a quality caviar is the method of feeding. The "drop feed" is used, which guarantees the sturgeon to always eat fresh feed. Nets are installed that prevent it from going deep and therefore into muddy surfaces, which would compromise the refined taste of the caviar. This prevents the fish from feeding on what settles at the bottom of the river.
Thanks to the precision, the care of the product, the expertise of the Longino & Cardenal experts and the use of cutting-edge technology, we are able to constantly serve a high-level product that satisfies the most demanding palates. Freshly packed caviar is immediately vacuum packed. This ensures that the product retains its freshness, between -2 ° C and + 2 ° C.

Ingredients: Sturgeon eggs, salt, preservative E285

Weight: 10gr / 30gr / 50gr