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Brandy Gran Duque d'Alba XO Solera Gran Reserva - Williams & Humbert

Williams & Humbert

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  • Distillery: Williams & Humbert
  • Origin: Andalucia
  • Serving temperature : 18-22 ° C
  • Alcohol volume : 40%
  • Format : 0.70 L
  • Moment to taste it: After dinner
  • Pairings : Fine desserts
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


    The Brandy Gran Duque d'Alba of the Williams & Humbert company is a liqueur produced in Andalucia. A Brandy with extraordinary characteristics coming from the pomace of the best grapes.

    Tasting Notes

    In the glass it has an intense mahogany color. On the nose the Gran Duque d'Alba gives a complex bouquet with notes of raisins, dried plums and vanilla. On the palate it is soft and velvety but also majestic with a very persistent aftertaste.

    Perfect for after dinner as an accompaniment to sweet desserts but also excellent for meditation, to be served neat or with ice.


    This Brandy comes from a blend of: Soleras di Gran Duque d'Alba and Gran Duque d'Alba Oro. Subsequently it is distilled at 65 ° degrees with stills usually used for the production of spirits. Finally it ages, following the solera method, in American oak barrels, which previously contained the famous Pedro Ximenez Don Giudo, with a certified age of 20 years.

    The Distillery

    The Williams & Humbert company founded in 1877 is today one of the most renowned wineries in Spain and the most important producer in the world for the production of Sherry. Williams & Humbert develops with a strong spirit of modernization and innovation while always remaining tied to the values of tradition.

    The Brandy Gran Duque d'Alba was born in 1945, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Falcó, XVII Duke of Alba after tasting this distillate was so impressed that he asked to give the brandy the name of the great historical figure who had made the house great D'alba: the Grand Duke of Alba, Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel.