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Bas Armagnac Single 15 ans d'age - Samalens


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  • Distillery: Samalens
  • Origin: France
  • Moment to taste it: Relaxing evenings
  • Blowup Rating : 8/10


    The Bas Armagnac Single 15 ans d'age from Samalens is one of the most imported spirits of this winery located in the south of France. It is made exclusively from wine obtained with the ugni blanc grape. The best grapes are left to ripen until they reach the right sugar level. Then begins the distillation, half from a double distillation and the rest a continuous distillation. Finally it ages 15 years before being put on the market.

    Bas Armagnac Single 15 ans d'age has an almost brown amber color. The nose has hints of cedar wood, tobacco, cigar, nutmeg, saffron and coriander. In addition, there are also shades of candied fruit such as orange, pear and apricot. On the palate it is soft and enhances the balsamic notes. The finish is long and intense.