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Aviation - Cocktaileria Del Golfo

Cocktaileria Del Golfo

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  • Ingredients : Gin, Maraschino, Violet liqueur, Lemon concentrate
  • Distillery: Cocktaileria del golfo
  • Origin: Campania - Italy
  • Alcohol volume : 18%
  • Format : 10 cl
  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


    Aviation of the Cocktaileria del Golfo is a cocktail based on Gin , Maraschino , Violet Liqueur and Lemon Concentrate . Its origins are thought to date back to the First World War, as a cocktail with which British pilots toasted their return.

    Tasting notes

    It has a particular aviation blue color given by violet. The aromas are decisive and floral , Ideal to spoil at any time of the day. Serve at 2/4 ° C with ice and lemon zest as a garnish.

    The distillery

    Cocktaileria del Golfo is a project born from the collaboration of Porto51, a cocktail bar on the island of Ischia, with the Aragonese Distilleries. A new reality that comes to life giving rise to a line of ready-to-drink handcrafted cocktails to be enjoyed in any context and place. The communication choice of the brand of this company is made of images and colors that represent a Mediterranean identity in which people recognize themselves and see their territory. A lively and fresh brand designed to combine modernity and tradition.