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Amaro Rupes Gold


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  • Distillery: Rupes
  • Origin: Calabria - Italy
  • Alcohol volume : 30%
  • Format : 0.70 L
  • Moment to taste it: After-meal or Aperitif
  • BlowUp Rating: 8/10


Amaro Rupes Gold is a digestive produced in Calabria that comes from the infusion of thirty officinal herbs including Calabrian licorice , wild fennel and bay leaves . An amaro that boasts prestigious awards and recognitions. This amaro won first place at the 2021 Word Liqueur Awards for the herbal amaro category. Unlike the amaro Rupes, the Gold ages in French oak barrels.

Tasting notes

A fresh distillate with a persistent taste of great character and pleasantness on the palate. Amber-brown in color, the nose is intense with marked herbaceous notes . Ideal to be enjoyed at room temperature or frozen (-20 ° C), an excellent after meal or to be enjoyed as a meditation bitter.


Rupes Gold amaro is produced by infusing a hydroalcoholic solution in large steel vats , for at least twenty days, with high quality medicinal herbs. During maceration, the properties of the herbs are fully extracted, including bay leaves , fennel and Calabrian licorice . This process also extracts the bitter active ingredients that stimulate digestion and promote intestinal functions. Finally, Amaro Rupes Gold ages for at least 3 months in new French oak barrels.