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Amaro Rupes


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  • Distillery: Rupes
  • Origin: Calabria - Italy
  • Alcohol volume : 28%
  • Format : 0.70 L
  • Moment to taste it: After-meal or Aperitif
  • BlowUp Rating: 8/10


Amaro Rupes is a digestive bitter produced in Calabria that comes from the infusion of thirty officinal herbs including Calabrian licorice , wild fennel and bay leaves . An amaro that boasts prestigious awards and recognitions. In fact it was named best herbal liqueur in the world 2021 and best bitter and liqueur in the world gold medal 2020 . the name of this amaro derives from the place where it was distilled at the beginning of the 19th century, that is, at the foot of the Rock of Rocella.

Tasting notes

Amber in color, Amaro Rupes on the nose expresses classic intoxicating aromas with hints of herbs , the same goes for the taste which is also soft . It is also packed with flavors ranging from chocolate to ginger . Ideal to be drunk neat after meals or elongated with sparkling water or ice.


Rupes comes from the cold maceration of medicinal herbs in alcohol, which ferment for 20 days in large steel vats.