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Sicilian Blood Orange Bitter - Amara


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  • Distillery: Rossa

  • Origin: Sicily

  • Service temperature:

  • Alcohol volume : 30%

  • Format: 0.5 L

  • Moment to taste it: After dinner

  • BlowUp Rating: 9/10


    The Amaro Di Arancia Rossa Di Sicilia from the Amara distillery is a handcrafted amaro that comes from a selection of the best Sicilian Red Orange PGI peels . This liqueur was born on the slopes of Etna from the infusion of orange peels in alcohol and spontaneous herbs, with the aim of enhancing and making Sicilian excellence known worldwide .

    Tasting notes

    Amaro Amara has a limpid golden color. The nose gives off intense aromas of citrus , orange blossom and herbaceous notes . The flavor is characteristic and rich in bitter notes, it is also decisive and soft with hints of citrus and spices. It is a versatile amaro, excellent to drink straight as a digestive or to be used as an ingredient in fantastic cocktails.


    For the production of Amaro Amaro, Sicilian PGI Red Oranges are used, grown in the proprietary orange groves. The raw material is carefully selected and peeled by hand using the aspriral cutting system. Subsequently, the orange peels are infused with alcohol and wild herbs . Finally, pure water is added from the source of Etna . The orange groves are grown without the use of chemicals and irrigated through a drip system that saves 30% of water while respecting the environment .