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Amaro Alpino - Argalà


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  • Distillery: Argalà

  • Origin: Piedmont

  • Alcohol volume: 28%

  • Format: 0.70 L

  • Moment to taste it: After dinner

  • BlowUp Rating: 8/10


              The Amaro Alpino di Argalà is an amaro handcrafted in the Cuneo area in Piedmont. It is an excellent digestive but also perfect as an aperitif. This amaro is considered a real encounter between the sea and the Alps, a 100% Italian amaro.

              Tasting Notes

              The Amaro Alpino has a red color given to it by the elderberries. It features citrus flavors of orange peel combined with balsamic flavors of pine and lavender.


              Amaro Alpino is obtained from the cold maceration of thirty botanicals, then a distillate of herbs and spices is added.


              Argalà was born from the passion of Enrico and Pietro who in 2011 decided to start the production of the first Italian artisan Pastis. In 2015 they moved to a new location and began expanding their production. In 2018 they started growing herbs and plants to be used to make liqueurs and vermouth. The choice of raw materials is fundamental for them: waters from the Maritime Alps, top quality wheat distillates, local herbs and plants, selected spices and sugars. Their processing takes a long time and without the use of dyes, flavors and stabilizers.