The idea of creating the Enoteca in both a physical and online space was a natural response to the requests of our customers. The attention to their needs combined with our passion for wine and good gastronomy, has given life to a cellar with over 300 labels from all over the world and a selection of gastronomic products of the highest quality .

Our mission is to be a reference point for the customer , a place where you can find the right advice and the product that best suits your needs, even for the most important occasions. Quality, trust, research and study are the cornerstones on which the idea for our Enoteca was built and on which the Blow Up philosophy is based.

The online shop is the perfect tool to transmit our passions and knowledge even to those customers who cannot reach us in the wine shop. Our priority is always to satisfy the requests of our customers and accompany them in every purchase phase.

  • Stephen

    Son of art, born in 1993. His career began at the age of 16: after leaving school he dedicated himself to the family business. A novice boy who is not satisfied with "not knowing how to do", commits himself and studies with the aim of excelling in his profession. Curious about him? Nobody. From an early age he had very clear what his path would be: to carry on the passion and family traditions of the renowned Blow Up. In his curriculum he boasts the attendance of over 15 specific and advanced courses with the best experts in the world. A great lover of food, drinks and spirits, he is the mind behind the Bistrot menus and is constantly looking for high quality products

  • Antonio

    Son of art like his brother Stefano, born in 1992. At the age of 7 he was already wandering among the tables of the Bistrot intent on doing the simplest tasks on a lunch break with his mother Rosy and learning a trade which, later on, he would fell in love. Always passionate about wine and the wine world, he achieves excellence certifications as a II level Sommelier and creates a wine list for the restaurant based on the discovery of each territory . His daily mission? Give a unique experience to its customers, so that they can keep a happy memory for life. Stubborn and touchy, tenacious and affable, in his spare time he travels around Italy to participate in tastings and as a child he spent over 10 years on horseback. For Tony, as his friends call it, Blow Up smells of home, passion and fun.

  • Enzo

    When he was 14, his father built the nightclub where the Enoteca is today and at the age of 20 Enzo opened the bar, without knowing that over the years it would turn into a bistro of excellence. During the 80s he was the captain of the ship on the crest of the wave, the golden time of the club . Rosy has always been his accomplice and partner in life and work. Now he leaves room for his kids, remaining their point of reference, the tree with strong roots on which to rely on having an enormous wealth of experiences to draw on and learn from. For Enzo, Blow Up means only one thing: 50 years of life. Even today he is moved by remembering the whole journey. To his boys who today have the burden and the honor of carrying on the family business, he says: “I wish you all the luck I have had”.

  • Rosy

    Perhaps without Rosy the Blow Up we know today wouldn't even exist. Married to Enzo for 30 years, at the beginning of her career she owned a clothing store, yet she did not miss her daily visits to the place to help and support her husband, give a criticism when necessary, supervise everything and everyone. . Over the years he has taken his life partner Enzo by the hand and, with love and patience, accompanied him in all the transformations of the Blow Up, transmitting the passion of the family, the same spirit of sacrifice and the same dedication to work to his children Stefano and Antonio. With her, everything finds its place. Maniacal when it comes to cleanliness, Queen of packaging, loves to pamper customers and a hard worker . His pride is his children, to whom he always and only wishes great things because, as he often repeats: “they really deserve it, look at how much passion they put in!”. For her, Blow Up means only one thing: family. What a woman!

  • Serena

    After completing her studies in the field of fashion and having undertaken various work experiences, the roads of life bring her into contact with a reality unknown to her: the mystical world of e-commerce. Thanks to its sprint and sunny character it soon becomes a backbone of the Enoteca . The worst nightmare of any courier, with her your shipments are in good hands! Being patient is not really his strong point and in his spare time he loves to go shopping.

  • Maurizio

    He takes care of the cafeteria in the morning , born in 1966. Maurizio known as “Ciccio”, has been carrying out this profession with dedication and commitment since he was 15 years old. His mood is fluctuating, just like the tropical climate, but his cappuccinos are always a guarantee . His alarm goes off at 4 in the morning, then gymnastics is mandatory and finally he opens the Cafè Bistrot. Comes from Blow Up at the age of 44, after 8 years he decides to change direction but… how do you say? Sometimes they come back! And so in 2021 he returns to the Blow Up team. He dreams of his retirement on the island of Formentera away from the hustle and bustle. If you happen to meet him and ask him a little about his history, he will always tell you “I am humble cafeterias”, but for us he is the Great King of the hood.