Vino e Personalità: Esiste un rapporto?

Wine and Personality: Is there a relationship?

This image has the empty alt attribute; the file name is pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3756623-1024x683.jpg Many wonder if the choice of wine is somehow connected to a person's personality , let's find out!

Wine, a drink that has always united people and makes everything simpler and lighter . Often, to overcome any situation it is enough to drink a glass of wine to remove any fear or negative mood.

At lunch or dinner it is recommended to drink a glass of wine as it is optimal and definitely curative under certain aspects.

Wine and personality

There is a link between wine and personality , experts have confirmed that each wine derives from a specific place and soil and this determines a different impact with each type of person , as through the interactions with the climate and the surrounding environment it takes a very specific character.

Wines appreciated by women

Wine is a drink that is appreciated by both women and men. According to statistics, the fair sex prefers to consume white wine in particular, as they are direct in approaching, with certain introspective profiles.

Generally speaking , women who choose to drink white wine with bubbles appear to have a cheerful, sociable , witty , curious , enthusiastic character and are definitely in favor of company and group conversations .

While those who like to consume red wine at the table are the opposite of the latter . They are introspective and act in any situation by logic . being rational in any situation that arises before him.

While, Passiti are wine drinks favored especially by all women who turn out to be a little nostalgic, as being rich in sugars they allow them to improve the mood making it positive.

Wines appreciated by men

The relationship between wine and personality in men is clear, all those who drink red wine and prefer it to white are generally that gill that is part of concrete and practical people in life ; who in most cases hear reason first and do not act out of feeling and from the heart . On the other hand, the men who decide to drink white wine are different, the latter have an instinctive and purely spontaneous personality in the link with certain hidden events.

In addition, those who prefer to consume sparkling wines for lunch or dinner also stand out, preferring them to any type of drink. The latter are highly sociable , cheerful , positive , funny and practical and do not like to find themselves in limited relationship situations. Generally they lack the inner and intimate side that instead characterizes men who greatly prefer Passiti , they appear to have above all a sensitive, emotional and sad personality.

Bubbles are especially loved by women and young people who have an eccentric and nice personality , as it is good to know that the bubble is considered the icon tending to parties and joy.

Wine is therefore favored by people both young and old as well as women and men, depending on their inner spirit and personality. What wine do you drink?

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