Pinot Nero: Una storia da raccontare

Pinot Noir: A story to tell

This image has an empty alt attribute; the file name is pinot-nero - 1024x1024.jpeg Pinot Noir is one of the most prestigious and noble red grape varieties in the world. The latter is part of that part of international vines of French origin , which in most cases are grown in various countries around the world. It is a complex vine both to grow and to make wine . Among the most difficult challenges to undertake in this context , the red vinification process of Pinot Noir stands out, as the results change according to the seasons and from year to year. They even change according to the parts of the territory giving different results even in those areas that seem more predisposed to cultivation .

In general , Pinot Noir represents a type of vine that is decidedly delicate to the terroir, for this reason different understandings are obtained according to the area of ​​the territory. For all these reasons, both the expert and the consumer are confronted with complicated truths from an oenological point of view when tasting and tasting Pinot Noir.

The different vinifications

Pinot Noir comes specifically from Burgundy , through it certain products are made among the best and most popular red wines worldwide . The drink has a neutral color, this particularity allows it to also carry out the white winemaking process. Through this mechanism , the main and perfect base is obtained from it to consequently make sparkling wines with the classic method , especially in conjunction with Chardonnay , to which it offers together a more lasting aging, complexity and body . Pinot Noir in Italy therefore has two types of vinification: the white one, which is part of the classic method sparkling wines format from Oltrepò Pavese to Franciacorta , and the red one in detail in Trentino-Alto-Adige in Friuli, in the Oltrepò Pavese and in Tuscany.

The Pinot Noir grape is one of the most widespread internationally in black berry. The cities where it is particularly widespread are: Lombardy and Trentino-Alto-Adige, as far as the cultivated area is concerned, a maximum of 5050 ha has been registered nationally.

Characteristics of the Pinot Nero grape

Each type of Pinot Noir grape is differentiated according to specific ampelographic indicators, which in general have the aim of determining the appearance of the most important elements of which it is made up.

Going into the details of the ampelographic peculiarities of Pinot Noir, the latter has medium-sized , three- lobed and circular leaves. Furthermore, the vine has three types of bunches which are mainly distinguished in: cylindrical , compact and short bunch. Within the latter, only one wing stands out.

This vine is made up of medium-sized grapes, small berries , round in shape , almost black in color and with a fine or waxy skin.

How to recognize Pinot Noir?

The wine drink made from each grape variety, which has undergone the vinification process in purity, is endowed with certain organoleptic properties . The organoleptic characteristics of the wine products produced through the Pinot Noir vine are: a wine that has an intense ruby ​​red color , the flavor is based on fruit and is full-bodied, delicate and tannic.

It is good to know that each vine is made up of specific productive and cultural properties, including duration, productivity, type of pruning and climate, ripening time, perception of difficulties and much more.

In summary, Pinot Noir has a decidedly early ripening , pruning requires a long and lasting time, the vigor is stable and the type of training is counter-espalier.

Pinot Noir according to Franz Haas

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According to Franz Haas, Pinot Noir represents the white wine drink among the reds . Depending on the season and the vintage, it manifests itself with a color that varies precisely from light ruby ​​red to the deepest one.

As for the bouquet, it is divided with characteristics of raspberries and marsaca, cinnamon, packaging of plums and royal paste and cloves .

During the tasting there is the opportunity to savor the scents of the undergrowth . Its flavor is characterized by its deep and fresh taste. It is also lively and captivating thanks to the refined tannins that make it round and with impeccable aromas. These characteristics classify it on the market as a tasty and high quality wine drink.

The temperature at which it must be served is around 16 ° -18 °. The Pinot Noir vines are located at heights that vary between 350 and 900 meters on decidedly different terrain and sea levels.

The fermentation process is carried out through the use of open-top stainless steel tanks .

When this mechanism occurs, the floating hat of the skins is inserted into the tanks in a frequent and refined way. Through this process , the coloring elements and aromas located in the inner part of the skins are taken and transferred to the wine . At this point the wine drink begins to age and mature, after which the bottling is defined in a particular way for a certain period in the bottle .

Pinot Noir is a wine that goes well with many foods , this means that it can be combined with top quality food and wine specialties. Red meats, game roasts, light fish dishes and much more.

The days of Pinot Noir

Winning the Pinot Noir competition was the Pinot Nero Riserva Sanct Valentin type by the cantaina Tramin.

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90 judges recognized the high quality of this unique and flavorful wine drink. During the exhibition of the drink, able to determine it as a qualitative and valuable article.

Maglen: The finest and most delicate Italian Pinot Noir.

The Maglen of the Tramin winery represents the choice of delicious and precious grapes that originate in a particular way from two nearby and concurrent areas including the sunny and steep vineyards in Glen and from the historic vineyards arranged on the Mazon plateau.

The flavor of this high quality drink is made with numerous extracts. In addition, during the tasting it is possible to taste the juicy red berries, black cherries and lively smells.

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